You can upload your PDF file(s) online using the Dropbox system. Simply email info@asukabook.co.uk requesting a shared folder. Once the folder has been set up you can always use this folder to send your PDF files for printing.  

If you prefer to use wetransfer.com to upload your PDF, please forward it to info@asukabook.co.uk

Once you have successfully uploaded your PDF file(s), you will receive an ''Order Confirmation'' e-mail within 48 hours from receipt of your order.

If concerns are found during the review of your file(s), you will be contacted at that time. You will also receive an invoice by separate email to complete payment.


Please proof read and double check all PDF files at 100% before uploading.  It is solely your responsibility to ensure that your order is free of typographical errors, graphical errors (observing trim lines and image/text placement), and/or poor image quality.  We want you to be happy with your order.