AsukaBook provides Blank Templates to allow for complete design freedom. Each template is unique in size and guideline placement so it is necessary that you select the appropriate set. The guidelines display where the canvas will be cut in production, as well as the spine and gutters.

Please download the relevant Photoshop® template to start your design. Please DO NOT change the canvas size / dimensions, file name and resolution. To open the following files, you will need WinZip or Stuffit Expander.

Colour Space

Book Style

Page Finish

Book Size

Number of Sides



Preparing Photoshop®

Launch the Photoshop® application, then open the ''Color Settings'' dialog box. Double check that your 'RGB Working Space' matches the colour space of the digital images you will be working with. This will be Adobe RGB or sRGB. Choose ''Preserve Embedded Profiles'' for RGB, CMYK and Gray in 'Color Management Policies' boxes.

File Checker

Please download the File Checker application to assist you in the file preparation process. This application will ensure your files have met the specifications required to produce your AsukaBook.


Download File Checker 3.8.1 for PC

Download File Checker 3.8.1 for MAC



Colour Profile


You should calibrate your monitor regularly to avoid any colour differences. Keep in mind that you can see a close approximation of what the printed page will look like by following these steps, however you can't literally make an exact print match of what you see on your monitor exactly as the CMYK printing space is much different than the RGB colour space of your images.

However, by following these steps you can make a Photoshop® preview of what the printed book will look like so you can make any adjustments to the files if needed before sending them. We find the soft proofing process here usually provides about 95% accurate matching:


  1. Download AsukaBook's Printer Profile (Zip file)

  2. Install colour profile (Photoshop® must not be launched)

    Right-click the profile and select Install Profile. Alternatively, copy the profiles into the;

    WINDOWS\system32\spool\drivers\color folder (for Win XP)
    WINNT\system32\spool\drivers\color folder (for Win 2000)

    Copy the profile into the /Library/ColorSync/Profiles folder.

  3. Open Photoshop®, go to View > Proof Setup.

  4. Select Custom

  5. In the Proof Setup window, Choose ''ask_fvo_a.icc''
    from the Profile menu.

  6. Choose ''Perceptual'' from the Intent menu.
    Note: if you've set up the .csf file, skip step 7.

  7. Turn ''Use Black Point Compensation'' off.

  8. Leave the other options off.


You can save this set up so that each page you build can be viewed with the proofing. Generally, it should be very close to your original image. Having a properly profiled monitor is key to a good colour match.

This process is for soft proofing your images on screen only. DO NOT SAVE YOUR FILES WITH THE SOFT PROOF SETTING APPLIED. In other words, when saving the files, simply keep them in sRGB or Adobe RGB colour spaces.

Calibration JPG

You can download the digital Jpeg format file of the Printed Flyer 2011 version that matches the image on the printed flyer. 

To receive the printed flyer by post, please contact us with your user ID.

All you need to do is to load the digital file into Photoshop®, use the proof preview method mentioned above, and you should see an approximation to what will be printed. This is a good indication of your monitor calibration.