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Q1. Who can register with AsukaBook UK & Ireland?
Q2. What countries does AsukaBook service?
Q3. Can I register without entering a web address?
Q4. How long will it take to receive my registration information?
Q5. What happens if I forget my User ID?
Q6. Can I change my user information such as e-mail, address and/or User ID?


Q1. How can I see a sample of an AsukaBook?
Q2. Can I purchase an AsukaBook sample?
Q3. What is the difference between pages and sides?
Q4. Can I have a variable number of pages/sides in my book?
Q5. What page finishes are available?
Q6. What is the difference between Laminate pages and Varnish pages?
Q7. Do you offer any books with thicker pages?
Q8. Do you offer any books with thinner pages?
Q9. Do any books start and end with panoramic spreads?
Q10. How does the Art Layflat range differ from our other products?
Q11. What are the differences between the Art Layflat Folio series and the Zen Layflat Folio series?
Q12. How is the paper used on the Art Layflat Book and Folios different than the paper used on all other AsukaBooks?
Q13. Does AsukaBook provide the DVD or USB for the DVD Presentation Book and USB/Keepsake Presentation Book?
Q14. What is the difference between Book Bound EX and Book Bound Hard Cover?
Q15. What is the difference between a Book Bound EX book and an EXD book?
Q16. What is the difference between Leather and Animal Friendly Leather?
Q17. What is the difference between the Book Bound books and the Zen Layflat books?
Q18. How does the Zen Layflat Impact line differ from the other Zen books?
Q19. What is Hot Stamping Text?
Q20. What is laser inscription?
Q21. Why is the Hot Stamp only available in Gold or Silver?
Q24. Do book cases/boxes cost extra?


Q1. Why is AsukaBook so great?
Q2. What type of printing press is used at AsukaBook?
Q3. What is the print quality of a digital on demand press?
Q4. Do you have a printer profile available?
Q5. How and why should I use 'Perceptual' as the rendering intent when soft proofing my design?
Q6. How can I be sure that the colour AsukaBook prints matches what I see on my monitor?
Q7. Does the colour shift during production?
Q8. What type of paper is used in the AsukaBook?
Q9. What about discoloration and colour fading?


Q1. Do you provide free design software?
Q2. Can I use other programs such as FotoFusion or InDesign® to create the layouts?
Q3. Do you provide colour correction and retouching services?
Q4. What is the proper image size for the layouts?
Q5. Why are the templates required when designing in applications other than ASUKABOOK Maker™ or InDesign with ABID?
Q6. What do the Photoshop guidelines on the blank templates represent?
Q7. Can I have a variable number of pages/sides in my book?
Q8. How many images can I place on each page/side?
Q9. Can I add text as part of the design?
Q10. What laser inscription fonts are available on the Heirloom Album?
Q11. What is the font and size of the Hot Stamping Text?
Q12. Do I have to place an image on the cover?
Q13. Do I have to convert my files to CMYK before submitting?
Q14. How do I resize my book layout from one size to another?
Q15. When saving images in JPEG, which degree of compression should be used?
Q16. Are there any restrictions on what can be printed?


Q1. What is File Checker?
Q2. Why do I have to use File Checker?
Q3. What is the latest version of File Checker available?
Q4. Can I use other programs such as Photoshop and Acrobat to create the PDF?
Q5. What are the hardware specifications recommended to install and run the File Checker?
Q6. How do I install File Checker?
Q7. What is my activation code?


Q1. How long does it take for an AsukaBook order?
Q2. Can I upload the book layout through the internet?
Q3. How do I upload an order for the Gallery Box?
Q4. How long does it take to upload a file through the internet?
Q5. What if my internet connection is very slow?
Q6. What do I do if my upload gets interrupted?
Q7. How many books can I order at one time?
Q8. How long does an order take to process before it is in production?
Q9. Does AsukaBook review my files?
Q10. Can I make changes after placing orders?
Q11. Can I cancel my order at any time?
Q12. Can I order an extra slip jacket, case, or presentation box for my book?
Q13. Can you provide a discount on additional copies of previously submitted files?
Q14. Why can't I apply a studio sample discount to a reprint order?
Q15. Why can't I place an order for a new book combined with a reprint?


Q1. How will you send my AsukaBook order?
Q2. How much is the delivery charge?
Q3. Where is my order dispatched from?
Q4. Will you send me tracking information once my order is dispatched?
Q5. Can all my recent orders be dispatched together?
Q6. Is there a handling fee for AsukaBook orders?