Art Layflat book - NEW SIDE INCREMENTS!


Designable hard cover book with designable gift style box

The Art Layflat Book boasts elegant ivory or white inside pages with a matt or glossy laminated hard cover. The Art Layflat Book is packaged in a natural tan gift box and a fully designable lift off lid.


Book formats
   9x11.5 / 11.5x9 / 6x7.5 / 7.5x6

Number of sides/pages - NEW!
   10, 12141618, 20, 22……., 90, 92949698, 100

Type of cover
   Designable hard cover. Choice of vertical or horizontal layout in red or black

Cover finish
   Laminate glossy / Laminate matt

Type of pages
   Double layered pages (thicker than Book Bound range)

Page type
   Ivory art paper / White art paper

Book case
   Gift style box with designable lift off lid and natural tan bottom

Page finish
   Laminate glossy / Laminate matt