Zen Layflat ImPact X - New HOT STAMPING OPTION!


Linen fabric cover book with deluxe presentation box

The Zen Layflat Impact X AsukaBook is luxurious in every way.

Zen Layflat Impact X books have a linen fabric cover with an engraved wood plaque or hot stamp. As with all the Zen Layflat books, they include magazine style pages with layflat binding allowing you to fully display your images without gutter loss. These stunning books are showcased in a designable deluxe presentation box that includes a plush, black fabric lining with book holder and a popup USB* holder. 

The main difference between the Impact X and the Impact books are the cover materials and plaque, as well as the USB holder vs the DVD holder included with the Impact case. * USB not included.


Book formats
   12x12 / 10x10 / 8x8 / 8x11 / 11x8

Number of sides/pages
   10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22……., 90, 92, 94, 96, 98, 100

Type of cover
   Coloured linen like fabric cover with laser engraved wood plaque or hot stamp

Cover colours
   Black / Chocolate / Cream / Natural / Navy / Red

Type of pages
   Double layered pages

Page finish
   Laminate glossy / Laminate matt / White art paper / Ivory art paper

Book case
   Designable deluxe presentation box with book holder and popup USB placeholder
   * USB holder fits up to 1.58cm in width. USB stick not included.

Case finish
   Laminate glossy / Laminate matt

               Serf font                               Cursive font                            San-Serif font

               Serf font                               Cursive font                            San-Serif font