USB / Keepsake Presentation Book


USB/Keepsake presentation case with designable & removable hard cover book and slide-in book case

The USB/Keepsake Presentation Book is a unique and contemporary ensemble for presenting client images and/or showcasing memorable keepsakes. 

This presentation book has a designable custom cover that opens to reveal a fully designable, removable hard-page book. Opposite the removable book is a windowed compartment to hold a USB* or a small keepsake. The presentation is completed with a slide-in protective case available in three colours, with the option of a personalised hot stamp text. * USB not included.


An overview of the USB Presentation Book

Book formats

Number of sides/pages
   4 / 6 / 8 / 10 / 12

Type of cover
   Designable hard cover for USB/Keepsake and designable / removable book inside

Outside cover / Removable book cover finish
   Laminate glossy / Laminate matt

Hard board page finish
   Laminate glossy / Laminate matt

USB book cover case finish
   Designable hard cover with USB/Keepsake display holder

USB book cover case finish
   Laminate glossy / Laminate matt

Book case
   Slide-in book case with a personalised gold or silver hot stamping text 

   Case colours: Smooth chocolate brown / Smooth cream pearl / Smooth black pearl