Curve Book


Designable hard cover book with rounded corners with a clear plastic frosted case

Unlike any other AsukaBook, the Curve has fun, curving corners - Perfect for the lighthearted side of life. 

Rounded corners, full spreads throughout, and thick, board-mounted pages make the Curve different from any other AsukaBook.

Offered in four sizes, the Curve is printed with either laminate glossy or matt pages and a fully designable hard cover in a layflat binding. A frosted plastic case allows for protection and portability.


An overview of the Curve Book


Book formats
   8x8 / 6.5x8.5 / 8.5x6.5 / 7x7


Number of sides/pages
   4 / 6 / 8 / 10 / 12


Type of cover
   Designable hard cover - Rounded corners


Thick hard board page and cover finish
   Laminate glossy / Laminate matt


Book case
   Slide-in frosted plastic case