Book Bound EX / Book Bound EXD


Designable hard cover book with slip jacket and red / black book case or designable book case

The EX book offers high quality in the coffee table book line. Its pages have a protective varnish coating or a laminate coating in a matt or glossy finish to preserve its appearance for years to come. It also features a printed slip jacket and exclusive book case with personalised hot stamping text.


The EXD book offers superior quality in the coffee table book line. The EXD includes a hard cover book protected by a matching printed slip jacket with designable inside flaps. This book is presented in a fully designable, slide-in book case.


An overview of the Book Bound EX/EXD


Book formats
   12x12 / 10x10 / 8x11 / 11x8 / 8x8 / 7x10 / 10x8 / 7x7 / 5.5x8 / 8x5.5 / 7.5x5 / 5x5 

Number of sides/pages
   20 / 30 / 40 / 50 / 60 / 70 / 80 / 90 / 100

Type of cover
   Designable hard cover and matching book jacket with designable inside flaps

Page finish
   Laminate glossy / Laminate matt / Varnish

Book case
   Zen EX: Black or Red slide-in book case with optional Gold or Silver hot stamping text

   Zen EXD: Designable slide-in case

Book case finish
   Laminate glossy / Laminate matt